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Claim and Evolve Oassy

To Claim & Evolve Oassy:

Oassy is a popular, evolutionary new digital collectible created in collaboration with Oasys - The Blockchain of Games. Recently featured in Famitsu, over 90,000 Oassy have been claimed so far! Follow the steps below to begin the Oassy challenge

Step 2.Claim Oassy
Step 3.Follow the steps below to evolve

Event Closes May 31st

Over 97k total claimed
Featured in Famitsu

1. Register your account

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2. Claim Oassy

Claiming Oassy is easy - just visit the Oassy claim site! Note that there is a toggle for Japanese / English in the upper right corner of the page for convenience in navigating the process.

Users will have until May 31st to claim & evolve their free Oassy!

3. Evolve

ChainGunnies is the ultimate gamified Zombunny survival NFT game. You must endure endless waves of increasingly voracious Zombunnies assaults and vie for the Top of the Hops to become the best badass bunny out there!

Once you have created an account and claimed Oassy - download ChainGunnies, enter single-player mode, and start evolve your Oassy by completing the steps below:

  • Collect one Oassy poster — silver evolution
  • Collect two additional Oassy posters — gold evolution
  • Survive five rounds (must complete previous steps first) — evolved artwork, holographic silver evolution
  • Find the unique poster deep within the game (must complete previous steps first) — ultimate artwork, holographic gold evolution
Available on (v8.1):

Your Oassy collectible may be viewed on tofuNFT under my NFTs available through the icon at the top right corner of the page. While the evolutions should happen quickly, a metadata refresh may be required to see the results. Don’t forget to take a look after each achievement to see each stage on the way to Oassy’s final form!